Welcome to LoriToland.com


Welcome to LoriToland.com 
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My Books

GLBT Romance

Dangerous Affairs Series

The Long Con

English Chaps
(Sequel to The Long Con)
(Coming May 2013)

Replacement Guitarist Series

 The Replacement Guitarist

Home For The Holidays:
A Replacement Guitarist Christmas

Novellas and Short Stories

Trust In Me

The Furry Matchmaker

Perform For Me in Necking


Worth The Wait

Erotic Romance

Soul Seduction

Firehouse 69 Series


Seducing Dylan
(Coming in 2013)

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You can also visit my blog for my random ramblings.
I also host pictures of my cats and a weekly sharing on my official Caturdays!
I’m also sharing my story on living with lupus while trying to keep
a sense of humor so stay tuned for updates on that!